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Glad Tidings Church of God in Christ
625 East 7 Mile Road
Detroit, MI 48203
(313) 366-4378 Church Number
(313) 366-9490 Fax Number


Superintendent Robert D. Taylor, Sr., D of Hu.


Pastor's Wife
Missionary Effie M. Taylor


Music Ministry
Minister of Music Clarence Ewing, Jr.

Voices of Glad Tidings Min. Clarence Ewing, Jr.

Judah Chorale Eld. Eric Deon Taylor

Voices of Gladness Min. & Sis. Michael Romeo

Glad Tidings' Praise Team Eld. Eric Deon Taylor


Men's Ministry
Ministerial Alliance Supt. Robert D. Taylor, Sr.

Deacon's Board Dea. Ozzie Wells

Men of Promise Dea. Thomas Wade

Male Adjutants Min. Tino Allen


Women's Ministry
Mother's Board Mth. Arquilla Greene

Minister's Wives Miss'y Effie Taylor

Young Women's Christian Council Mth. Annie Collins

Missionary Circle Miss'y Dierdre Wade

Female Adjutants Sis. Deidra Burns


Youth Ministry
Youth Pastor Eld. V. Keith Williams

Sunshine Band Sis. De'Neen Chandler

Purity Class Miss'y. Adana Chandler

Youth Outreach (Y.O.) Program Dea. Jeffrey Marbly


Fine Arts
Sign Language Ministry (F.O.C.U.S.) Sis. Angie Mayfield

Gospel Rappers Da Real

Puppet Ministry Sis. Khyan Reid


Special Ministries
Evangelistic Board Eld. Kirk Box

Usher Board Sis. Esther Groce

Hospitality Committee Sis. Wendy Smith

Nurses' Guild Sis. Angie Rice

Couples' Ministry Min. & Sis. Michael Romeo

Singles' Ministry Mth. Arquilla Greene


Weekly Calendar
Breakfast 9:00 am

Sunday School 10:00 am

Foundation Laying Class 10:00 am

Sunday Morning Worship Service 11:15 am

Tuesday Bible Study 7:00 pm

Thursday Choir Rehearsal 7:00 pm

Thursday Noon Prayer Noon

Friday Prayer and Pastorial Teaching 7:00 pm


Monthly Calendar
Sunday School Departmental Meeting 9:00 am / 1st Sunday / Quarterly

Baby Dedications 11:15 am / 4th Sunday

Young Women's Christian Council Meeting 7:00 pm / 4th Monday

Men of Promise Meeting 7:00 pm / 4th Monday

Usher Board's Meeting 8:30 pm / 4th Tuesday

Couples' Ministry 7:00 pm / 4th Tuesday

Singles' Ministry 7:00 pm / 4th Tuesday

Ministers' Wives' Meeting 7:00 pm /4th Wednesday / Bi-Monthly

Nurses' Guild's Meeting 6:30 pm / 2nd Friday

Missionary Circle Meeting 6:00 pm / 3rd Friday / Bi-Monthly

Youth Outreach (Y.O.) Program 6:30 pm / 3rd Friday

Ministerial Alliance's Meeting 6:00 pm / 1st Saturday

Mother's Board Meeting 6:00 pm / 3rd Saturday

Deacons' Board's Meeting 6:00 pm / 4th Saturday


The church where Everybody is Somebody and Jesus is the only Star!



Glad Tidings Church of God in Christ is a Growing Church, Bold in our Confession, Steadfast in our Commitment, and Courageous in the Pursuit of Souls for Christ

"Memory verse for the Month"

John 3:16 "For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosover believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life".


Greeting from the Pastor

It is with great pleasure I take in Greeting you in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Here at Glad Tidings, we are a Bible Teaching, Bible Believing Church. It is my prayer that all men shall come to repentence, become saved and live pleasing and acceptable in the insight of GOD. May GOD bless you and continue to smile upon you.


Robert D. Taylor, Sr., D of Hu.
Superintendent, Pastor

If you are in need of a ride to the Church, please feel free to call 313-366-4378 and follow the simple instructions.


Glad Tidings Church of God in Christ is associated with the National Churches of the Church of God in Christ
for additional information, see the denomination links.

For more information about Glad Tidings; if you would like to leave a prayer request or praise report, please click here: GLADTIDINGSCOGIC@HOTMAIL.COM
Please leave a phone number or email address where you can be reached.
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